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Increased security including facial recognition and fingerprint.

DCC Wallet

Decentralcoin Wallet on PC/Mac and its Android/iPhone application with basic functions will be available at the launch of DCC.

This tool will be used to perform DCC transfers within 60 seconds regardless of its users' location in the world.

This module will be used to administer your DCC as well as other digital assets to which miners' hash power is allocated.

Multiple asset account module

A clear list of all transactions including maintenance and electricity costs will be visible in order to track the progress of scales assets.

Debit Card Module

DCC Debit Card module will allow the deposit of DCC on the card for removal in an ATM. It will therefore be possible to track the balance in real time and add DCC as needed.

Testament and Data

In order to prevent DCC and other digital assets from being lost during a death but also in case of a loss of private key, password and / or serious accident, an inactivity counter is established and when time goes by, wallet value is transferred to heir addresses.

The innovative concept of blockchain allows the decentralization of varied information that goes beyond digital assets management. It is possible to put in memory encrypted documents of any type and format that we wish unalterable.

DCC's Data service will help users to protect important private information such as photos and or birth certificates that can pass on blockchain from a computer and a phone.

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